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Technology without moral compromise for your parish or organization

Reliable and secure technology solutions for those serving the faithful

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Fidei Basics

Email and Calendars For Your Organization

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$5 /User/Month

billed annually

$6/mo billed monthly

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Fidei Basics Includes:

Human Set-up & Support

We’re there to help you every step of the way, from domain configuration to email app set-up.

No frustrating automated help desks or bots to deal with.

Domain Concierge

Full-service domain management, including registration (if needed) and set-up that keeps your website and any other services you run functioning with no interruption.

Unlimited Aliases & Identities

Create inboxes like support@yourdomain.org that direct to multiple people on your team.

And, we'll set you up so you can easily send from your aliases without needing any additional log-ins.

Full-Featured Web Mail

Use our web interface to access your email from any modern web browser, even on mobile.

Powerful Email Apps

Use any email app you want (or, more than one).

Fidei is supported by the best email apps out there, including the ones built-in to your phone and computer.

Shared and Private Calendars (beta)

Stay in sync with calendars that work across your devices.

Share a calendar with your team or delegate to your assistant, we support calendar sharing.

Fidei Cloud

Email, Calendars, File Syncronization and Sharing

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$8 /User/Month

billed annually

$10/mo billed monthly

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Fidei Cloud Includes:

Everything from
Fidei Basics


File Sharing

Advanced file sharing for your organization

100 GB per User Included *

Ample file storage space for everyone on your team.

* Contact us for details on our additional storage pricing

Powerful Web File Sharing Interface

Browse, upload, and dowload your files from any web browser, even on mobile.

Desktop Folder Sync

Synchronize a folder on your desktop to our cloud. Choose to have everything download to your computer or download on-demand to save storage space on your computer.

Share files with guests

Sometimes you need to share a file outside your organization, we've got you covered with guest links.

Request Files

Share a link for anyone outside your organization to upload files to your account.


All your files are fully encrypted on our servers.

Fidei Collaboration

Fidei Cloud + Collaborative Documents

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$10 /User/Month

billed annually

$12/mo billed monthly

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Fidei Collaboration Includes:

Everything from Fidei Cloud


Real-time Collaborative Documents

Collaborate in real-time with your team using documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. Fully compatible with Microsoft Office file formats.

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